Exhibitor Training

So now that you have booked your booth space you probably have received the Exhibitor Kit with a lot of forms in it. Don’t get overwhelmed, each form helps you create a display that will help you make a lasting impression on your possible future clients and/or customers. Our kits are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to get the things you need to make that first good impression. Maybe some visuals will help you decide what you need or would like in your booth space. Have a look at our on-line Catalogue. You’ll be able to see pictures of all the items listed in our order forms by selecting from the easy to use drop down menu located on the right hand side of the catalogue.

Now lets have a look at those order forms together.

The very first page is the most important for you and your planning. The Show Information Page contains everything you need to know about the event as far as the venue, when, and where the event is. It tells you what is included with your booth package and when the dates are for shipping to the advanced warehouse. Also note the Pre-Show Pricing Deadline, if you can submit your order before this date you can save a considerable amount of money. Most importantly the Show Information page gives you a LOG IN and PASSWORD to our Online Ordering system which can be a faster more convenient way of ordering if you are on the road and don’t have access to a fax machine. Don’t be intimidated by this as it is so easy to use. Just select the items you need and plug in any information as prompted and your order goes straight to our order desk and is processed immediately.

Do you require additional tables, chairs, stools a bar fridge, monitor, easels etc…

Have a look at our Global Convention Services Exhibitor kit on the Equipment and Furnishings Rental order form. Do you need any of those items? If so select the ones you require carry the total down to the bottom of the page and then carry that total over to the Method of Payment Form.

Do you require carpet or cleaning service for you booth space?

Check the Information Page to see what is included in your booth package. If the venue is carpet then you don’t necessarily need to order carpet unless you want to define your booth space more or you want to compliment your company logo by reflecting that colour in the carpet you select. Next go to the Carpet & Cleaning form. You can select the size and colour of the carpet you require, do the calculations to get your pricing. Next have a look at the bottom of the form where the cleaning is listed. There may be a box there telling you if the cleaning is provided. If not you can opt to have your booth space cleaned before the event and each day of event. Add this total to your carpet total and carry it down to the summery of order box in the right hand corner of this page then carry that total over to the Method of Payment form.

Do you need a display for your booth space?

Perhaps a pop-up display or table-top display so you can really make an impact with potential clients at this event. Have a look at the Displays order form. Maybe some visuals could help at this point. Try having a look at our website under the section For Exhibitors, online catalogue and try the pull down menu on the right side and select displays. Once you have selected the display you’d like carry that total down to the Summary area at the bottom of the form and then carry that total over to the Method of Payment form.

Do you require signage?

Perhaps a custom sign that incorporates you logo or company statement is just what your booth space needs. Maybe you’d like to change your old pop up graphic panels for some nice new up to date panels featuring new logos and artwork. Have a look at the Signage order form. Select the items you need and carry that total down to the Summary in the bottom right hand corner of the form. Next carry that total over to the Method of Payment form.

Do you require power for your booth for lights, a laptop or equipment?

Check the Information Page of the kit to see what is included in your booth package. If electrical is not included turn to the Electrical & Lighting order form. Select the type of power you require. If you require power higher than 110 volt, 15 amp service outlet give your local Global Convention Services a call and they will give you a quote for Special power right over the phone. Once you have determined the power you require you can carry that total to the bottom of the form and then over to the Method of Payment form.

Are you sending any freight to the event?

Have a look at our Material Handling form and note the dates for shipping to our Advanced Warehouse. You will want to be sure your carrier can have your freight deliver during this window, which is usually a month prior to the event. Once you know what you are shipping to the advanced warehouse, the carrier you are using and the date your freight will arrive you can put all that information on this form. A rough guesstimate of the weight is fine at this point as you will only be billed according to your carrier’s waybill as they will have weighed your freight and have an accurate number for billing purposes. Don’t forget to select Return to Warehouse if this service is required. Do your calculations according to your guesstimated weight and carry the total down to the summary and over to the Method of Payment form. Be sure to use our Shipping labels conveniently included with these forms. Include some return waybills and final destination address labels with your freight so your on-site representative can use those when packing up your freight at the end of the event.

Will your representative be setting up your display on-site? Will they require some help?

Let’s go to the Display Installation & Dismantle form. We have experienced installers who can set up your display and have everything ready and waiting for you when you arrive. Often travel plans and other meetings don’t allow you to have enough time to set up your space as you would like it. By booking our skilled installers you allow yourself the stress free experience of walking in, placing literature out and you really can focus your time and efforts on promoting your company and image. So once you have decided this is an option for you, you can go ahead and fill in the form with the date and time you need us to set up and/or dismantle your display, calculate the hours and carry that total down to the Summary section and then again over to the Method of Payment form. Be sure to include an emergency contact just in case there are any issues with you display. Our installer will call this contact directly for any guidance.

So know that you have everything you need selected for you booth space let’s have a look at the Method of Payment form.

First fill in your complete Company Name and Address at the top of the form. Next select how you will be paying for your order and fill in the proper information if paying by Credit Card. Tally up your order on the right hand side with all the summaries of each of your order forms and calculate the tax. Take all of your forms that you had filled in earlier along with your Method of Payment Form and fax or scan and email to us for processing, call your carrier to make your shipping arrangements, and make your travel arrangements.

Wasn’t that easy!