Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions we have recieved. If you have a question that is not answered here please contact us and we would be happy to answer!

How can I best put forth my companies image and really promote my company at this event? Give us a call. We can provide you with the guidance. From designing a custom display or banner stand to helping you pick the furnishings that will best reflect your image and create flow within your booth space.

Why can’t I just ship my freight to the Venue or show site? Most venues do not have the storage space for holding show freight. And most loading docks are not a secure area for leaving your freight.

What is the advantage to shipping to the Advanced Warehouse? You often have a month in advance of an event to ship your freight to the advanced warehouse. This allows you to perhaps send extra things that you forgot to send in your first shipment. It allows time to head off any missing freight that may have gotten hung up in customs. Rest assure that your freight will be in a secured warehouse where it will be delivered directly to your booth space, you will be provided storage for your empties until after the event. We will bring you your empties post show and after you have packed up we will load them onto your outbound carrier.

Do I really need to book Return to Warehouse? No, but the advantage of doing this is fantastic. You get to pack up your freight at the end of the event and label your boxes, leave your waybill and walk away to catch your plane or enjoy a bit of down time before you have to head home. Once you get back to your destination you can schedule your carrier to pick up your freight. It is so stress free, just make sure all your labels and waybills are filled in correctly. As your trade show contractor we recommend using this service as most carriers do not pick up on weekends or after 5:00PM unless you pay preferred rates. And you’ll always rest easy knowing your freight is safe and secure in the hands of your trade show contractor.

What happens if my carrier does not show up before the end of the scheduled Exhibitor Move out time? Global will take your freight back to their secure warehouse and contact you to let you know you can reschedule your carrier and to get payment information for the service of securing and holding your stranded freight.

Who do I contact if I want internet? If you require phone lines or Internet service you would need to contact the venue. In most cases though if you are going wireless all you need to do, while onsite, is open your web browser and it will redirect you to the venues website where you can sign up for wireless internet.