Glossary of Terms

Show Management – is often the people who you purchased your booth space from and is responsible for the event.

Trade Show Contractor – are hired to set-up the event and work directly with Show Management to ensure the event is a success. They supply all equipment for the event and work with Exhibitors to provide guidance for any of their event needs.

Preferred Suppliers – these are well know suppliers of events often with great reputations with the venues and Show Management. Often you will find a list in the Exhibitor Manual or Event website, or may be referred to one by the Show management, Trade Show Contractor or the venue.

Exhibitor Manual – Show Management often provides a booklet with all pertinent information regarding the event. In it you will find such things as schedule of events, break out sessions, discounted preferred hotels and what to expect from the event you will be attending.

Exhibitor Kit – Is supplied from the Trade Show Contractor. It will include

Drayage – The movement of freight from the advanced warehouse to Show site and the return of freight from the Show Site back to the advanced warehouse or the movement of freight from the loading dock to the booth space. Usually provided by the Trade Show Contractor.

Shipping – Long haul movement of your freight from province to province, city to city, country to country. This is often supplied by a carrier of your choice unless otherwise stipulated by Show Management. International Shipping requires special customs documentation. (See Customs Documentation and Customs Broker).

Advanced Warehouse -This is the warehouse where you can send your freight in advance of an event and it will be held until move in day.

Return to Warehouse – This is the service of taking your freight back to the advanced warehouse where it is held until it is convenient for you to schedule your carrier for a pick up. This service is often used for shows ending on weekends when carriers aren’t in operation.

Stranded Freight – Many venues do not offer storage so if a carrier doesn’t arrive before the scheduled Exhibitor Move out time ends your freight has to be removed from the show floor and brought back to the Advanced Warehouse. You will always be contacted regarding Stranded Freight in the event that it happens.

Customs Documentation – these are the papers that will allow your freight smooth transitions from one country to another where crossing borders. Often supplied by a Customs Broker or Show Management.

Customs Broker – these people deal strictly with freight that is crossing borders. They can aid you in making your arrangements when shipping internationally. They often help make sure that your freight doesn’t get delayed when crossing the border. One is often designated by the Show Management and if not you can used your own preferred Custom Broker.

Booth Package – the term used for what is provided to you when you purchase your booth space. These items are listed on the front page of your Exhibitor Kit and often listed in the Exhibitor Manual.

Installation & Dismantle Labour – refers to the setting up & tearing down of a display, labour used to help unpack freight or any assistance you require while on-site.

In Booth Fork Lift Service – the movement of crates, skids any thing requiring the use of a fork lift with in your booth space.

Special Cutting Charge – Trade Show Contractors often supply a standard size carpet usually in 10’ increments. Special Cutting refers to the cutting of the carpet to fit an unconventional booth space or area.

Duplex Outlet – refers to the standard 2 plug in electrical outlet

Special Electrical – is any power that is above a standard household 110 volt, 15 amp outlet.

Display – refers to any structure used to promote your company within your booth space. Can be ordered through the Trade Show Contractor.