Global Tents: Guide to tenting during a pandemic

Global Tents is a division of Global Convention Services, located in Victoria, BC. With a wide variety of inventory, this branch supports trade shows, concerts, weddings, sporting events, you name it!

As British Columbia (and the whole country) begins to reopen and people venture out of their homes, social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19 is more important than ever. Tents can provide a convenient and temporary shelter option for a variety of business types. At Global Tents, we offer safe and affordable solutions to maintain the health and safety of customers and staff. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are happy to answer any questions. 


Restaurants & Bars

  • Parking areas can be easily be converted into seating space to expand your dining area capacity.
  • Weather can be unpredictable – maximize the use of your outdoor/patio area by covering it with a tent. 
  • Waiting areas can be expanded to accommodate social distancing – with a tented outdoor entrance completed with lounge furniture and heaters.



Hospitals & Medical Centres

  • Help protect and manage the flow of patients and staff with the capability to separate and seclude from each other.
  • Create external and internal areas such as patient waiting areas, storage, and organization rooms.
  • Mobile testing sites built with ample height and space to conduct drive thru testing in clinic parking lot accesses.
  • Printed markers and signage keep the flow of patients and staff organized and safe.



Golf Courses

  • Provide smaller shade tents on course to allow golfers a space to wait while waiting for the group ahead of them proceed.
  • Expand the clubhouse or restaurant seating capacity to an outdoor area.
  • Larger tents can be used to protect extra golf carts or equipment overnight and during inclement weather if needed.



Businesses & Offices

  • Making space outside your office/business building can be easily set up – from additional room for your curbside services to your annual staff safety meeting. 
  • Complete your set up with flooring, lighting, furniture, and heating to ensure a comfortable experience for customers or employees 
  • Create internal/external rooms as needed using our hard wall display systems.




  • Many venues expand their offerings by using Global to increase usable space already.
  • Outside decks and terrace can be tented and enclosed.
  • We offer clear top tents to enhance guest experience.
  • Large inventory to accommodate up to  10,000 sq. ft.



Contact Global Tents in Victoria, BC today for more information at (250) 385-3541 or